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How to import products in bulk?

If you need to integrate SKU aliases on other platforms, you can choose to use the Import selling channel alias function. Quickly match the product SKUs of each platform to facilitate inventory management.

Log in> Select the product on the left> Select Import in the upper right corner> Step 1: Download the platform template> Complete file information> Step 2: Select file> Step 3: Upload file> Import

Product > Choose import option > Step 1 Download template > fill in the file > Step 2 Choose a file > Step 3 Upload > confirm the information > Import

Note: Please keep the header of the downloaded Excel template unchanged. The fields in red are required. After filling it out, click Step2 to select the completed form, and then click Step3 to upload the form. Before choosing import, you can check the imported information on the confirmation page. You can review and modify the color corresponding to the relevant column.

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